Matthew Mockridge

Killer Keynotes — Every Time! Matthew Mockridge is SPIEGEL's bestselling author, start-up founder and international keynote speaker. He brings new perspectives to communication, understanding and the influence of different generations - no bullshit, no PowerPoint. Matthew combines the latest research, memorable stories and practical know-how for instant results with everyone in the audience!


Dr. Taewon Suh

Professor of Entrepreneurship at Texas State University, Austin, Texas - Founder of EIG (Entrepreneurial Innovators Group) — International network of young innovators and start-ups consisting of nearly 300 members in over 20 countries.


Dr. Seungil Kim

Dr. Seungil Kim is a Director at Modulabs, a collaborative learning center for advanced technologies in Seoul, South Korea. He holds more than 60 international patents in the field of electrical engineering.


Stephan Heinrich

Sales trainer for acquisition, communication and price negotiation with business customers


Manuel Noack

Founder & Managing Director DeinDesign GmbH — after its foundation in 2006 together with twin brother Kyan and girlfriend Victoria, at that time still self-financed, the startup was able to convince several top-class mentors and business angels. Since the majority takeover in 2015, the multiple award winners have been working on further internationalization and expansion as market leaders and innovation leaders.


Jane Schek

Accompanist for human-centered innovation with many years of international experience in co-creation, design thinking and human-centered business design


Markus Brzeski

Dr.-Ing. Brzeski won first place at the SAMPE Outstanding Paper Award in the year 2012 with his process developed at the Institute for Composites in Kaiserslautern and founded the company A+ Composites in 2015, which he heads as Managing Director.



Alica Büchel
Alica Büchel

We've found an enchanting presenter: Alica Büchel. With passion she not only stands on stage, but also as an actress in front of the camera. She is also a coach for interpersonal relationships and above all a passionate freethinker. It's better to live with humour. She is currently on a major tour of Germany to shoot a cinema film & makes a short stop so that she can be with us on 1 September 2018.